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Skinny Coffe Club

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to try 28 day weight loss program of British brand Skinny Coffe Club. I was fascinated of an idea that makes your morning coffe cup into something that helps you to stay fit, lose some excess weight that you accumulated in winter and to be in shape for the summer.

I need to say that I was impressed. Okay, let’s say that I actually “love” my body, I have some flaws in my opinion that I want to improve but actually I can’t say that I need to lose much kilos so from this program I’ve expected to lose 1-2 kilos and no more. All expectations that was realized! I’m really happy that i’ve done this program and I think that I’ll use it in the future to maintain the results.

Even because coffe by Skinny Coffe Club have a really good taste, it’s easy to do and in summer it tastes really good cold with some ice cubes! In the morning it’s really cool thing. You drink coffe anyway so why don’t exchange it with coffe that helps you to stay fit?

But remember, as all products you must have under control your food, don’t eat junk food, drink many water, eat healthy food and make sport! No one tells you that you must be Olympic champion or that you must running everyday or whatever. Just find some nice group sport that fits you, a few times a week. For me it’s pole dance! When you’ll have a group of persone with your same passion every lesson will be more satisfying! Just try!!!

You can buy your weight loss program on a website¬†and if you’ll use a code YELY20 when check out you’ll have a 20% discount on your order. Don’t miss it!

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