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Santorìni, white paradise

Here we go, today I want to start to sharing with you some photos and advices about Santorini. I’ve already done this on Instagram but I just NEED to do it here too! Santorìni isn’t really big as island and it’s all to be seen in one/two day, although I recommend spending more time there because it’s beautiful. Try to go there for a 4-7 days, cruises stays there for a half of day and only in Oia.

Meanwhile, here are the first tips:
1. Bring some sweatshirts and trousers for the evening, it really windy and chilly.
2. Girls, if you thought to take a pair of heels leave them at home that you don’t need ’em, you risk breaking your legs and that’s it.
3. Sun protection! Precisely because it windy, it’s an island and it’s all white that reflects, you need it to avoid risking to burn you in a few hours. I’ve sunbathed for a very short time and I’m tanned (for my standards).
4. To move you must evaluate things really well. The streets are narrow and busy, there must be someone good on driving the car. But the car is practically indispensable, because the bus queue is practically infinite. To avoid traffic move on the secondary streets, definitely more convenient!
5. To eat you can easily opt for the typical taverns, the dishes are good and abundant and the prices are great! Tripadvisor as always is salvation.
6. Relax, it is the perfect island to unplug from the world. Do things calmly and enjoy the sunsets, the cities, the black, red and white beaches, and recharge your batteries for the months to come.

Next 3 point are for Oia, because I’ve stayed there in Katharos Pool Villas (about this place I’ll talk in the next posts)

7. You’ll find many privat streets and “things you can’t do but you still see on Instagram”, well I’m actually a good girl but just DO IT!
8. Taking over the point 4, visit cities on the morning, there isn’t a tourist from cruises so you can see all the beauties of Oia without stress.
9. Go down to the seaside and take over of 300 steps that goes to Oia, it’s more satisfying than go down!

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