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Perfect gifts for the perfect occasions

Gifts are the highlight of every occasion. Whether you are talking from the host’s perspective or the guest’s perspective, both the parties are somehow worried about the perfect gift that they would be getting or giving.

In case of hosts they wish that the guests come with the perfect gifts especially when the event is huge such like a wedding or a birthday party whereas in the case of guest, if it is someone close to the host, he or she would want to get something for the host that would make him or her feel special and delighted.

What does My Jolie Candle has to offer?

From the name you might think that it is just another regular candle shop that is trying to sell their product. But that is so not true. It is a unique candle shop that is very different from the rest of the candle shops around the globe. Their candles come with fantastic perfumes but the best apart about them is that they come with a hidden gift.

A piece of high quality jewelry paired with Swarovski Stones is hidden inside the candle wax. You can add a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, earrings and so much more inside the candle wax that would be surprise for your loved one once he or she uses the candle just like mine was a ring with blue Swarovski stones.

Why choose them?

They provide you with a wide range of products that come in different sizes. You can get simple candles or scented candles that remind you of places such as the beach, or a garden or the rainy days. Their products are unique and diverse and are the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Finding the perfect gift to give to your best friend, your lover, your parents or any other close relative can be quite a task especially when your recipient is quite picky. You never know what they might like so you can find the perfect gift idea at the


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