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Christmas gift iDeal

Hey guys, Christmas is coming! I’m really confused about all that gifts that I must do for all my parents and friends. Searching for gifts it’s really exiting but also really stressful for me, I’m always trying to do something personalized for everyone. I’m not kind of persone that go shopping just to buy something, I always try to find THAT gift that match perfectly for a person that is destinate to. This time I was searching some nice covers for phones for some of “my girls“, they are really fashionable but also so rude with their phones so I thought that a good and nice case would be the best thing to do! As always my choise goes to iDeal of Sweden!

I’ve choose this one:

  1. For a good friend of mine that loves traveling, she’s a kind of globetrotter ->
  2. For a dreamer, this cover is perfect for whom is always with eyes in the sky ->
  3. This cover is perfect for my mom I must say, it remember me the ocean ->

If you want to buy some cool iDeal of Sweden cases for your friends too, you can have a possibility to get 20% discount using a code ID20-LC993 =)

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