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Hello boys and girls!

As I’ve promised today I want show you some nice photos that I’ve made at Pragser Wildsee. If you want to see you can also see a video I’ve made there!

Before you see the photos I want to tell you something about this place and what visit near it.

Pragser Wildsee is a lake in the Prags Dolomites in South Tyrol, North Italy near Austria It’s also known as Lake Prags or Lake Braies ( from Italian “Lago di Braies). Surface of the lake is pretty small, it’s about 0,310 km2 and the deepth reach 36 m. The lake is surrounded by Dolomitic peaks including the “Croda del Becco”.

How to reach

It’s one of the favorite places for tourists because of the vivid blue color of the water during spring-autumn period. You can also do a nice walk around the lake, it takes about 90 minutes. The walks is plain and pretty simple on the wester side and steep on the eastern. During the winter instead you can have a great experience of walking on it because all the surface is frozen and it feels pretty cool.

Reach the lake is really simple, there is a road that takes you right there, there is a huge parking on payment, it costs 8 euro per day. You can take a bus n°442 that takes you there. Actually I can’t say you the right prices for run but it’s about 3 euro I think. From the parking you can see Hotel Pragser Wildsee, there is also a restaurant, coffe shop and souvenir shop. Nearly by there is also a small church that is also a “must see” of this wonderful lake.

During the summer you can also rent a boat and sail on the lake (this is a reason why I want to came back there also in the summer). Unfortunately in the winter renting was closed so I can’t tell you a price.

What visit

If you’re planning going there I also can suggest you to take some extra time and go to visit:
Tre Cime di Lavaredo – it’s a most known peaks of Dolomites.
Picco di Vallandro – this is a nice place to take an excursion with a breathtaking view.
Croda Rossa d’Amprezzo – another gorgeous excursion with suggestive view of Dolomites.
And don’t forget to take a look on the cities like: Bolzano and Cortina d’Amprezzo.

For this journey unfortunately you must (at most) forget about TripAdvisor for bars and restaurants. Not all of some cool places are submitted there so just get lost there and I’m sure that you’ll find the best place where to eat and stay there.

And finally here are photos that I’ve made on frozen Pragser Wildsee with my friends!

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  • Erika Agostino


    Oh wow… you’re a great photographer… I’m in love with your photos and like a lot the places that you visit! You’re so lucky to be able to travel this much.

  • 01/21/2019

    Wow such stunning photos and such a beautiful place! Looks like you had lots of fun and a great time there ! Would love to go there someday .

  • 01/22/2019

    Oh wow your photos are incredible! You can’t beat photos in the snow, there is no better backdrop than nature! Gorgeous!

  • 01/22/2019

    wow this looks like such a gem! And your pictures are so amazing, definitely must visit for me!

  • 01/22/2019

    The snow is so beautiful oh my! Just as the whole view of the place…and when you say that the place has clear blue waters, I’d want to get there too!

  • 01/23/2019

    Ah stunning photos of a place in the world I STILL have not seen! It’s on my list as my husband has been there (years ago) and loved it. Finally made it to Lake Garda this year so the Dolomites are next on the list!

  • 01/23/2019

    These images are beautiful! It reminds me how much I love italy in the snow and in the sun! I love Lago Maggiore in particular!

  • 01/24/2019

    It does look pretty amazing out there. All the ice and snow makes it a winter wonderland. I’m sorry I don’t have more places around near me like this. It is very beautiful.

  • Jana


    Wow! The pictures are amazing! I love all the snow! This makes me want to go there!!

  • JL Prince


    Ok, that location is gorgeous, BUT I am totally in love with the entry photo bun. It’s lovely!!

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