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50ml, chi sono? Si tratta di un e-commerce con base a Milano che offre tantissimi prodotti per prendersi cura del nostro corpo a base di tutti i prodotti naturali! Stiamo parlando dei prodotti di altissima qualità, per gli appassionati e dei

Hey guys, Christmas is coming! I'm really confused about all that gifts that I must do for all my parents and friends. Searching for gifts it's really exiting but also really stressful for me, I'm always trying to do something

Finally my iDeal of Sweden's cover is arrived! I'm absolutely in love with it. I chose the striped cover with roses, limited edition signed by actress and model Hailee Lautenbach, a little fortune because unfortunately this cover is no longer available

Here I am, after 2 months that I've use Cocoa Locks Hairshake I decided to share my results with you. My hair has always been my fixation and in the last year my weak point too. Following a strong stress last

During this weeks I had the pleasure of trying So Shape. For a few months I was curious about their products, especially now that it is summer that my desire to cook goes to disappear but at the same time