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Free Slovenia Lightroom preset! Hello boys and girls, sorry for my absence but I'm back! For those who lost the two previous presets just follow this links -> ICE CREAM and ELISA . I'm here to show you a new preset

Hello boys and girls! As I've promised today I want show you some nice photos that I've made at Pragser Wildsee. If you want to see you can also see a video I've made there! Before you see the photos I

Today it's time to dedicate two lines to the wonderful place in Santorìni where I stayed with my friends. Katharos Pool Villas is a complex of private villas a 10-minute walk from the center of Oia, one of the most

Here we go, today I want to start to sharing with you some photos and advices about Santorini. I've already done this on Instagram but I just NEED to do it here too! Santorìni isn't really big as island and it's